Deciding to join a Fraternity is a big decision, and that’s not just for joining our chapter its for joining any chapter. Each Fraternity has their own set of values and a different ways of growing their new members. Colorado Gamma and Phi Delta Theta as a whole pride ourselves in being different and doing things differently than what the standard says. Such as we were one of the first Fraternities to have alcohol free housing, many people thought it would affect our membership, but we have seen that our membership rates have soared and with better quality men. We do things differently because we hold ourselves to a high standard, we want our members to be the most recognizable on campus, the most respected, members who are professional, gentlemen, academically engaged, personable and all around friendly. We want to be that Fraternity that people see and know as the best Fraternity on campus, one that they can go to for anything and one that they feel comfortable hanging out with. It’s not about doing things how they always been done, it’s about doing things differently and better.

Become the Greatest Version of Yourself

Welcome to our join section, this is a section built to help students, parents and ultimately future brothers learn and understand more about Phi Delta Theta and the Greek community in general. To get a glimpse into the brotherhood that is Phi Delta Theta, click on the image below.