Here is our most recent photograph of our Active Chapter.

Our History

Our chapter was established at Colorado State University on March 11, 1921. We are currently the only operating chapter in the state of Colorado for Phi Delta Theta. Both Colorado Alpha (Colorado University) and Colorado Beta (Colorado College) are not active chapters of the International Fraternity. As of this past semester our total initiates went up to 1207 and we have grown to a sustainable 91 members.

The Chapter Today

The Chapter today is the best it has been in many years. We are currently at 91 active members. Our current chapter President is Austin Hayes who serving his first term and already moving the chapter forward. We have many members who are involved in a variety of organizations across campus and have a variety of majors and come from all over the country. We had many of our members volunteer their time to be Ram Welcome leaders for the CSU Ram Welcome program that takes place at the beginning of the year, as well two of our members are an Orientation Leaders for the university. Many of our members are active participants in Intramural Sports, different clubs on campus such as the Sports Management club and Construction club, and are involved in many activities in the Fort Collins community. Two of our members serve on the Inter Fraternity Council one as President and the other as Vice President of Risk Management. Additionally many of our members have jobs on campus such as working in the computer repair shop and the information desk in the Lory Student Center. As mentioned above our members come from a variety of different places around the country such as Alaska, Illinois, Maryland, California, Nebraska, Texas, Kentucky and all around Colorado.


The Chapter House

The 200 E. Plum house is our second chapter facility in Colorado Gamma history and one that is a historic landmark of Fort Collins being over 100 years old and functioning as a facility in a variety of different ways over the decades. It has 17 bedrooms with 22 active members living in the house filling all the rooms with some being double rooms. Our house has gone through a variety of improvements over the past couple of years such as new windows, which you can see in the photo, new doors for all of the bedrooms with key less entries, crown molding on the first floor, painting of the main entry way of the house as well all the hallways on the second and third floors. Our flag pole was fitted with a hanging fixture, our front door is repainted and as well our hard wood floors were re-furbished. With the help of our Housing Corporation we plan on doing many more more improvements to the facility!